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Develops website and LinkedIn content, newsletters, and event communications with member distribution.

Identifies and delivers developmental and technical opportunities for membership:
  1. Accumulates and concisely reports via the Women In Surety website on relevant industry organizations' upcoming educational content and events
  2. Develops and schedules niche programming not met by other industry sources
Coordinates all aspects of event planning, including venue identification, invitations, sponsors, finances, etc. Works in conjunction with the Education Committee to arrange for engaging speakers and presenters.

Financial Planning
Focuses on sponsorship engagement and works with Treasurer to provide financial oversight, ensuring the organization acquires the financial resources it needs to operate efficiently. 
Focuses on recruiting and retaining members, maintaining a current membership distribution list.

Develops and manages a formal mentoring program for members, provides structure, surveys participant interests and desired outcomes, and selects mentors and mentees and pairs them thoughtfully.

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